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There are few things in this world that
are more stressful than dealing with
the IRS. The IRS has the ability to
seize your assets and garnish your
wages. Being selected for audit can
be extremely stressful, time-
consuming, and overwhelming. It
doesn’t have to be. Tax Settlements,
Inc. is here for you!
There are two major forms of IRS audits. Mail. In-person. A mail
audit will ask you for documentation that wasn’t otherwise included
in your return. An in-person audit will require more documentation
and may be an indication that the IRS has concerns about the
correctness of your tax return.
Let Tax Settlements, Inc. stand between you and the IRS to
ensure the most favorable outcome!
If you have been selected for either a mail or in-person audit, we
suggest that you immediately seek the advice of a tax professional
that specializes in audit representation. Why? If approached incorrectly, the results of an audit can be devastating
and could result in a multitude of legal repercussions including setting the stage for criminal proceedings. To
minimize risk, to maximize results, and to make the audit process run as smooth as possible, correct audit
representation is necessary.
Get the personalized tax settlement assistance you need and deserve
Tax Settlements Inc. offers a FREE consultation and evaluation to review your tax debt relief options. During your
consultation, we will present several workable options to help resolve your tax debt, and assign you a personal tax
relief professional. Your tax relief professional will be your singular point of contact from start to finish. They will
work with you every step of the way to patiently bring your tax debt burden to a close.
At Tax Settlements, Inc. you won’t get the run around, your call won’t be transferred to various individuals. You will
always know the status of your case. You will always receive prompt and courteous service. Schedule your free
phone consultation with Tax Settlements, Inc. Free in-person consultations are also available in our Salt Lake City
Get the personalized tax relief assistance you need and deserve.
We’re the relief experts so you don’t have to be.
Contact us for your FREE consultation today!
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