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We will not attempt to minimize the
severity of 941-business payroll tax
issues. The money that is collected
from the employee to pay their share
of federal withheld tax, FICA, and
Social Security must be accounted for
and paid to the government.
Unpaid employment taxes are a top priority for the IRS as non-
payment of payroll taxes is viewed as stealing from the
government and theft. . Therefore, the IRS is aggressive in their
collection attempts for any payroll taxes that are past due.
If the IRS is unable to collect the payroll taxes due, including
penalties and interest, they have the authority to seize assets.
Among the various assets the IRS can seize are bank accounts,
investment accounts, equipment, accounts receivable, and
property. If you don’t take immediate action, the IRS has the ability
to close your business and sell the assets to pay off the tax debt.
Tax Settlements, Inc. will fight for your business.
We understand that businesses need working capital and cash flow to keep their businesses operating. We know
that when dealing with the IRS, it is your livelihood and your business that are at stake. Businesses do have rights
that they are entitled to. Depending upon the variables and the complexities of the case, taxes themselves can be
negotiated and an affordable payment plan implemented. As a business owner, it is critical that you have
professional, knowledgeable legal representation when facing a payroll tax payment issue. Remember, the IRS is
interested in the re-payment of the debt. That is their priority, not the livelihood of your business.
Get the personalized assistance you need and deserve
Tax Settlements Inc. offers a FREE consultation and evaluation to review your tax debt relief options. During your
consultation, we will present several workable options to help resolve your tax debt, and assign you a personal tax
settlement professional. Your tax settlement professional will be your singular point of contact from start to finish.
They will work with you every step of the way to patiently bring your tax debt burden to a close.
At Tax Settlements, Inc. you won’t get the run around, your call won’t be transferred to various individuals. You will
always know the status of your case. You will always receive prompt and courteous service. Schedule your free
phone consultation with Tax Settlements, Inc. Free in-person consultations are also available in our Salt Lake City
Get the personalized tax settlement assistance you need and deserve.
We’re the tax settlement experts so you don’t have to be.
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